in those days she listened to Battlelore
they came over the sea to watch upon the dark
I have seen the dragons fighting far away
she ate shopski hot from the oven and smiled with her crooked teeth
she told me once
you’re so beautiful when you tell the truth
that was the first time I learned about honesty
she wore flowery dresses with white sandals and let her blond long hair loose on her shoulders
and at night, sometimes, we didn’t sleep at all

it’s been years since I last saw her
in her facebook picture, she wears small golden earrings
her hair only touches her ears
and she sometimes shares lost on you, love’s a stranger, somebody that I used to know without hashtags
she smiles with her mouth open the same summer smile
but now you can see the braces

it was last night that I remembered
I told her, Let’s go away to where there’s only summer
her answer echoes in my head with her voice
the only manly thing about her
and I didn’t know, but that time
I wasn’t beautiful at all.